Family in a estonian national museumSource: brand estonia

Estonias TOP museums off the beaten track

Many of Estonia’s smallest museums are also some of its most quirky

Interactive museums for families and children

Forget what you know about "boring" museums — these places are fun for the whole family. Kids will love these exhibits!

Museums about the natural world around us

Get to know the geology and ecology of Estonia at these unique nature museums. Learn about the world!

History museums to take you back in time

Get a glimpse at the lives of Estonians in the past, from academics at the historic Tartu University to the inhabitants of a manor house

Weird and wonderful art museums

Explore outsider art in Viljandi or stroll through a modern gallery housed in an old fish processing plant.

Museums of old and new technology

Estonia is home to successful modern technology and design industries, but you can also look into the past of computers, printing, filmmaking etc