South Estonia

Flood at Soomaa – the local life, a hike, and a smoke sauna at Karuskose

Spend a day or a few living in the iconic Karuskose Farm in the middle of the fifth season at Soomaa. The flood turns the historic farm located on the shores of River Raudna into an island in the middle of the water, where one must use canoes to move around.

During the flood, there is a lot of excitement at Karuskose and the magnificent phenomenon seems like an ancient festival of nature. We will heat up the smoke sauna and go on trips on the flood areas, we will talk, and live together with the nature. To those who wish to stay with us for a longer time, we offer accommodation at the Karuskose farmhouse or huts.

Karuskose is the home and base camp of Sea Kayaking Estonia and it gladly welcomes guests outside of the fifth season as well.


South Estonia

Opening times

15. march - 22. nov

An advanced bookings only


Karuskose, Sandra küla, Põhja-Sakala vald, Viljandi maakond